MyPrepaidCenter is one of the best prepaid and credit card balance check portal services that you can avail of in the United States and Canada. If you are looking for card activation or check the balance of your VISA prepaid credit card then you are at the right portal.

On, you can confirm your new Visa or MasterCard and check the transaction history and MasterCard balance as well. So without wasting your precious time, let’s find out how you can check the balance of your credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

Portal Website NameMyPrepaidCenter
Affiliated Bank NameMetaBank
Affiliated PartnerBlackhawk Network
Country of the ServiceUnited States & Canada
ServicesCheck Card balance & Card Activation

MyPrepaidCenter Login & Check Card Balance

myprepaidcenter Card activation

One of the best advantages of using MyPrepaidCenter is that you can check any prepaid or debit card balance online. Even if you have a bunch of MyPrepaidCenter gift cards so you can check the balance of your gift card easily.
Just follow the simple and easy guide below.

There are two steps available for login. The first is through credit card number and the second is through username and password.

Step 1:

  1. Visit the official portal website URL
  2. Now you will see two dialogue boxes where you can enter your credit card number and CVS code ID
  3. Enter your card number on the first box and CVS PIN in the below box
  4. Now enter your card expiry date and fill up the captcha
  5. Now click on the Login button and that’s it

Step 2:

If you don’t want to login with your credit or debit card number then you can choose the second step as well.

  1. Again visit the
  2. Now this time, enter your username and password instead of the card number and CVS code ID
  3. Fill up the captcha and click on login in button

You must be wondering where to find the username and password for MyPrepaidCenter login. But don’t worry as you have to register your card with this service if you want to get the username and password of MyPrepaidCenter.

Activation of a Card on MyPrepaidCenter

MyPrepaidCenter activation is required if you want to register with it. And this process is really easy and quick to follow. All you have to do is just signup with this service and then add as many credit cards as you want.

You can manage all of your credit, debit, and gift cards through the MyPrepaidCenter portal easily.

  1. Visit the official portal site
  2. Now click on “Create Profile”
  3. Here you need to enter your profile information or credentials for the registration process
  4. Enter the first name
  5. Last name
  6. Card number
  7. Expiration date
  8. CVS or security code
  9. Choose a unique username
  10. Submit your email address two times
  11. Select a security question and then give an answer to it
  12. Now choose a strong password for your account
  13. Lastly, select your language from English if you are a resident of the United States and Spanish or French as well
  14. Complete the captcha and create a profile

So now your new MyPrepaidCenter account is ready and you can add multiple credit and gift cards in it. Then you can check the balance, recent transactions, dues, spendings, and withdrawal history as well.

What if I forgot my Username and Password for Login?

In case you forgot your MyPrepaidCenter login credentials or details then you don’t need to panic. Here is the simple solution to get out of the situation easily.

Recover MyPrepaidCenter Username

  1. Click on forgot username
  2. Now submit the email address that you used while registration
  3. Your username will be emailed to you

Recover MyPrepaidCenter Password

  1. For the recovery of forgot password, you will be asked for your username
  2. Enter the username and then your password will be ready to recover or change as well

MyPrepaidCenter Online Portal Service Advantages

There are a number of advantages that you can avail of just using the MyPrepaidCenter portal services online. Let’s see what you can do with your card portal service.

  • A user can get the free portal service where the user can get the free advantages regarding credit cards
  • All prepaid and debit card users can check their account balance online free of cost and any time
  • A card user can get the complete monthly statement of his credit card along with transaction alerts and withdrawal details and all other dues and spendings
  • All credit card users can manage their all cards under one portal service, so it will lessen the mess of handling all cards with different portals
  • This portal is a 100% legit and safe website portal and you can trust it
  • All customers of My Prepaid Center can activate their new cards online

History of MyPrepaidCenter

If you are new at MyPrepaidCenter then you must check out the history of MyPrepaidCenter on this website. Before this financial portal service, all users had to face trouble to check the balance of the card.

Meta Bank & Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network and MetaBank are the partners and issuer of MyPrepaidCenter. Meta Bank is operating all services of this service and this is responsible for it as well. So you can take the peace of mind by knowing that a big bank is serving this service.

Meta Bank was built in 1954 in the US and now it is providing its banking services to many other countries as well.

Why choose MyPrepaidCenter Credit Cards?

MyPrepaidCenter Gift cards are so special for special events like Christmas, Birthdays and Easter, etc. So using these gift cards you can enhance the value of paper-money.

Also, if you have a MyPrepaidCenter credit card then you don’t need to carry cash or money in your pocket which is safe and convenient as well. Moreover, you don’t need a bank account for having a MyPrepaidCenter Visa prepaid card.

You can also win reward points by using some credit cards.
You can check the gift card balance at
Also, you can get rid of the hassle of cheques and it makes your purchases easily.

About My Prepaid Center

There is no doubt that MyPrepaidCenter is the best and most convenient credit card and gift card portal service of 2020. And you should give it a try and use its convenient financial services to ease your life. Now check your prepaid Visa card balance and activate a new debit or MasterCard prepaid card at your fingertips.

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