MyPrepaidCenter: Login to Check Balance or Activate Card

The MyPrepaidCenter website manages select prepaid cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. The site allows you to activate your card, register a profile, check your balance, and generate a transaction report.  

Loyalty, promotion, or award cards from merchants with a Blackhawk Network tag should direct you to the MyPrepaidCenter website. Who issues the cards? That depends on the card:

  • In the U.S

    Visa Prepaid Cards and Mastercard Prepaid Cards are issued by MetaBank.

  • In Canada,

    Visa Prepaid Cards and Mastercard Prepaid Cards are issued by the Peoples Trust Company.

  • Discover

    Gift cards and prepaid cards are issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC.

Activating a MyPrepaidCenter Card

When you first receive a card linked to MyPrepaidCenter, you’re required to activate the card before you can use it. Without activation, the card won’t register if you swipe it or try to use it for online shopping.

How do you activate a MyPrepaidCenter card? There are two ways:

  • Log in with your card details:

    When you log in to for the first time with your card details, the card gets activated.

  • Sign up for a MyPrepaidCenter profile:

    You can register for a profile and then login with your card details. Creating a profile offers some advantages.

Logging in to (-activation required)

Whether you’re a first-time user or checking in again, follow these steps to log in to your account:

  1. Go here:
  2. Enter your 16-digit card number. It will be embossed in the front in silver.
  3. Enter the expiry date on the card. It should be located at the front.
  4. Enter your 3-digit security code. It’s located at the back.
  5. Tick the human verification box and click on “Login”.

Congratulations! Your card is now activated. You can check your card details in the login screen. activate card

Sign Up For A MyPrepaidCenter Profile and Login

Interested in a MyPrepaidCenter Profile? Follow these steps to get one:

  1. Go here:
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. Click on the Create Profile link.

If your card details were correct, the system will register your profile. You can now check the balance on your card, get a transaction history report, and more.


MyPrepaidCenter – FAQs

  • Where can I see a list of MyPrepaidCenter transactions?

The “My Cards” section shows the purchases made recently on your card. You can also get an account statement for the last month.

  • Is the MyPrepaidCenter website safe?

The website is fully safe to use. Your card information is kept encrypted. The site is also HTTPS compliant – it uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to transmit your data.

  • Can I sign up for card transaction alerts?

After you log in to the portal with your card details, you are given the option to sign up for card transaction alerts. Every time you use your card, you will receive an SMS or an email.

  • Are MyPrepaidCenter cards credit cards?

No, MyPrepaidCenter cards are not credit cards. They are prepaid loyalty, promotion, and award cards handed out by some merchants.

  • Which companies/merchants are linked to MyPrepaidCenter?

The list of companies or merchants linked to MyPrepaidCenter is constantly changing. Here are some prominent examples:

  • Reward Performance by Mazda Visa ® Prepaid Card
  • Moen Prepaid Debit MasterCard®
  • GEHA HealthBalance Prepaid MasterCard ®
  • Clarke Rewards Card
  • Healthfirst Prepaid Card
  • John Deere Financial Visa ® Prepaid Card

Using Your MyPrepaidCenter Card – FAQs

  • How do I activate the MyPrepaidCenter card?

You can activate your card by logging in with the card details on Alternatively, create a profile.

  • Where can I learn more about my Visa or MasterCard cards?

You can learn more about your card by logging in. You can also contact the helpline number listed on your card.

  • Where can I use the MyPrepaidCenter debit card?

The MyPrepaidCenter card you received may be accepted almost everywhere or just by a few select merchants. Log in and check your card details.

  • What is the current balance on my card?

You can check your balance by logging in.

  • Should I select “Credit” or “Debit”?

Always select “Credit” if given the option.

  • Do I need a PIN for my card?

If you choose the “Credit” option, you don’t need a PIN for your card. But you can create a PIN for your card after logging in. Then, choose the “Debit” option when using the card.

  • Does my card expire?

Yes, the card will expire. Any available balance on the card will be lost. Check the expiry date on the card.

  • Can I withdraw ATM money with my card?

No, you can’t withdraw ATM money with your card.

  • Where is the 3-digit security code on my card?

It’s located at the back of the card.

  • Can I use the MyPrepaidCenter card for recurring payments?

No, the card won’t work for recurring payments.

Problems with Your MyPrepaidCenter Card – FAQs

  • Contact Customer Service

If you have an emergency situation, we recommend you contact customer service.

For lost or stolen cards in the US and Canada, try:

  • Visa/MasterCard cards:


  • American Express:


  • MasterCard:


  • Visa:


Outside the US, dial:

  • MasterCard:


  • Visa:


  • Discover®:


  • What do I do if my card is stolen?

Contact the numbers listed above. Your card will need to be blocked.

  • I’m having a problem at the point of sale. What do I do?

Make sure you selected the “Credit” instead of the “Debit” option. If that didn’t work, contact the customer care number listed on your card.

  • My card was declined. What do I do?

There may be several reasons your card was declined:

  • The card isn’t activated. Activate it first.

  • You swiped for more than what’s left on the card. Swipe for less.   
  • You chose “Debit” instead of “Credit”.  

Contact customer care if the above solutions didn’t work.

  • The balance on my card looks incorrect. What do I do?

If you think someone has stolen the money, you should reach out to customer care. You can check your transactions history for irregularities at or here.

  • Can I dispute an unauthorized transaction?

Yes, you can dispute unauthorized transactions. Contact the number listed on the card.

  • Can I reload my card?

The company that issued the card is responsible for reloading the card.

Where Are MyPrepaidCenter Cards Accepted?

  • Shopping online*

You can use the MyPrepaidCenter card to shop online, just like regular credit or debit cards. If your name isn’t printed on the card, though, you will have to create a profile at the portal first.

  • Shopping*

You can swipe the MyPrepaidCenter card just like an ordinary card when you go for shopping.

  • Gas Stations*

The MyPrepaidCenter card won’t work for self-service gas pumps. You will have to use it inside instead.

  • Hotels*

For checking in and reservations, the card won’t work. But it works for checking out or settling your bill.

  • International Payments*

The card won’t work with some points of sale like train ticket machines, parking meters, subway stations, luggage lockers, and gas pumps. It won’t work in some countries on the “Prohibited” list.

But the card will work in most countries at popular points of sale. Be aware that you have to pay a 2% conversion fee per transaction first.

*Note that your MyPrepaidCenter card may not be accepted at the locations listed above. Please check your card details after you log in to your account.   

MyPrepaidCenter Cards Have a Payment + 20% Rule

Note that you need to have enough balance in your card to cover your total bill plus 20% gratuity. That means if you rack up a bill of $100, your card needs to have $120 minimum on it to be usable. Otherwise, it will decline.

Some MyPrepaidCenter Cards Give You 5% Cashback

Your card may make you eligible for 5% cashback at some merchants. You can check if you’re eligible – and where – after you log in to your account. The cashback will be credited to your card within 7 to 10 days.

The cashback only works if you “sign” for the purchase and use the credit option.

For more information related to your MyPrepaidCenter card, log in to your account at