Activation Required for New Card

Are you looking for activation required for a new card? So you can activate your debit card and credit card online easily. 

When you order your card from the bank then it will be delivered to your home address. And after receiving the credit card, your first step should be to activate the card.

There are many different ways to activate a credit card and today I will show you how you can simply do any type of card’s activation easily.

Just follow me and check the steps.

Credit Card Activation Online on MyPrepaidCenter

Luckily, you can activate any credit card online on MyPrepaidCenter as well. There is nothing to do anything special for this purpose. You just need to follow the guidelines and your new debit card will be activated soon.

So what you need to activate your card online?

  • An internet connection
  • Your card number of 16 digits
  • Your card’s security code of 3 digits or CVS code
  • The expiry date of the card
  • Your name that registered in your bank account
  • Home address

So the method is the following

  1. Visit your banking website online
  2. If your bank is not allowing you to activate your card online then you can do it on MyPrepaidCenter as well
  3. Now login to your account with username and password
  4. Go to your dashboard and look for the card activation option
  5. Now enter your 16-digits card number and 3-digits security CVS code
  6. Enter expiration date and click submit
  7. Your card will be activated

Activate your Debit Card On the Phone

Another way to activate your card is through a phone call. What you required for this is just the same as above mentioned. 

Now make a call to your banking service and ask them to activate your card.

  1. One of the representatives of your bank’s customer support will ask you to provide your card number
  2. Now he/she will ask you to provide a security code
  3. And then he/she will proceed you to select a security PIN for your card that you should not share with anyone even from the bank
  4. Now your card is activated and ready to use

Why It is Necessary to Activate a Card?

It is mandatory to activate a new card as you can not use an inactive card for transactions or shopping. You need to activate it first if you want to make use of it. It is because of the security of the card.

So always confirm your card as you receive it. And then freely use your card anywhere you want to. Also, you should track your spending as well so you can limit the spending. 

Always check your card balance on time so you will be up to date with your card details. MyPrepaidCenter is a portal where you can check your card balance and even activate a card as well.