Are you facing issues about MyPerpaidCenter login or other things? Worry not because below is a set of questions and their answers that users are asking.

How do I check my prepaid card balance?

If you are looking for a card balance check service then look no further as MyPrepaidCenter is your solution.

  1. Go to the official website of and login with your card number and security code
  2. Once login, you can go to your account
  3. Now you can check your card balance there

How do I activate my prepaid card?

Prepaid card activation is very easy with the help of MyPrepaidCenter. If you have received your new prepaid card and it is saying that you have to activate it then follow the steps.

  1. Go to and login with your username and password
  2. Once you log in, you need to enter your card entails like prepaid card number of 16 digits and 3 digit CVS security code
  3. Click on the activate card button and that’s it

Where can I use my prepaid center Visa card?

If you are a user of My Prepaid Center Visa card then you can use it online, at gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and any place where Visa card is accepted. You can use it to pay bills and make online purchases.

What if my prepaid Visa card expired?

You need to activate it if your Visa prepaid card has expired. You can do it by calling your card issuer service.

Why Activation Required?

Because you can not use MyPrepaidCenter cards without the activation process. You need to activate the card before you make any purchase from it.

Where is MyPrepaidCenter ATM?

To locate MyPrepaidCenter ATMs, you need to search on google. Just type or speak in Google “MyPrepaidCenter ATMs near me” and you will find all nearby ATMs on your phone.

How to deal with MyPrepaidCenter forgot password?

If you have forgotten your username and password for My Prepaid Cente then you can simply reset it. There is no need to worry about it. Just follow the steps.

  1. If you need to recover the password then enter your username and ask for reset my password
  2. And if you want to recover the username then you need to provide the email address for that purpose

How to use MyPrepaidCenter?

Using MyPrepaidCenter cards is very easy. You just need to login to your online account and then navigate to your account balance. In that section, you can check your card balance, recent transactions, withdraw history, and all purchases as well.

What is MyPrepaidCenter customer service number?

Lost and Stolen Line: 877-227-0956

Discover cardholders: 888-842-0336 in the U.S., or 801-744-9918 outside the U.S.

Mastercard cardholders: 888-371-2109 in the U.S. and Canada, or 339-234-6415 outside the U.S. and Canada

Visa cardholders: 877-610-1075 in the U.S. and Canada, or 801-214-8892 outside the U.S. and Canada